FAB Celeb Kiddies: Mariah & Nick Post New Pics of Twins!

Platinum selling artist Mariah Carey released some new pics of her twins known as  ”dem babies’  the adorable 1 year old twins are named  Monroe and Moroccan.  She tweeted to her 7 million followers…

 “Some new pictures of Roc & Roe @,” wrote Carey. “They’re growing up so fast!”


In the pics you can see the twins Monroe and Moroccan alongside daddy Nick Cannon “America’s Got Talent”  host.

Check out the pics below….









Way too cute!!

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FAB Love: Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari – Parker Covers “Rolling Out” Magazine!

These two will make you want to meet Mr./Mrs. Right and run down that aisle ASAP!  Fab couple Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari-Parker gives the deets on making love work!

The cutest couple on the planet, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari-Parker, have been together for seven years and have a bond that most couples can only hope for. The stunning married couple recently shot the cover for their ‘Rolling Out‘ magazine feature and looked flawless in the process. In the article, they shared bits about their relationship and how they make it all work. According to Boris, he is a stay-at-home Dad while Nicole works on Broadway and films a movie in London. He never takes projects that will film around the same time that she has to work because they want to provide some sort of stability for their children so they make sure one parent is always at home. When Nicole is done working, Boris will be making his directorial debut in a new film titled, ‘Looking For Jimmy Lee’ and he wrapped up filming, ‘Resident Evil 5′ earlier this year.

Boris also dished on how he knew Nicole Ari was the one and they revealed what they felt was the best part of being married to each other.

Catch a few highlights and photos from their sexy spread below:





On the easiest and hardest part of parenting and marriage
Nicole: Being a parent is the hardest job ever in life. Raising children uses every bit of your being — your heart, your time, your patience, your foresight, your intuition to protect them, and you have to use all of this while trying to figure out how to discipline them. It takes its toll on a marriage as well. The time that should be spent with each other after the kids have gone to bed is usually spent face down, in your clothes, on the sofa with the remote control in your hand. It’s exhausting  …  but we’ve been married for seven years, and I think that the greatest challenge but also the greatest gift, is understanding that I’m way more capable than what I think I am.  You have to work hard not to take your partner for granted, even when you are tired.  We have a special needschild, so we also have to get up in the middle of the night and check on her.  So, I’ve been pushed to the limits that I thought I had, and I’ve gone beyond those … that’s been the greatest gift throughout this journey with my husband.

Boris: As far as our marriage goes, again it’s all about priorities. We make sure that we put in some sexy time, and we go out on date nights and spend quality time together, because we were here first.  Everything else is a reflection of that. If she and I are good, then everything else is good. So it’s very important that we put in the time to cherish each other.

Boris On How He knew Nicole was the one
We had instant chemistry, and right away there was an attraction, but it was more on a spiritual level. I knew right away that she was going to be in my life forever. I didn’t know in what capacity, but I just felt that. That just happens when you meet a person that is on the same wavelength. We saw eye-to-eye on so many things. She was open minded, well traveled, and had a great sense of humor — which are all very important to me. The fact that she became my wife was definitely a bonus. It worked because we were friends and liked each other as people first, which is very important in a relationship. You can fall in and out of love, but if you like each other as people, then I think that’s a great foundation to grow a relationship, and we had that, so I’m very lucky.

Nicole, finish the sentence: ‘My husband makes me feel beautiful when…’
Nicole: When he looks me right in the eye.

Boris, ‘My wife makes me feel like the king of the world when…’
Boris: My wife makes me feel like the king of the world when after a long day of working she tells me to put my feet up and cooks an amazing meal for me.

“I’m a better person today than I was before marriage because…”
Boris: I’m a better person today than I was before marriage because my wife makes me a better man.

Nicole: I’m a better person today than I was before marriage because I get to care about one of the greatest human beings on the planet.

Read the full interview in this week’s Rolling Out! Photography and Interview by Dewayne Rogers

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These two better work!  I love them as a couple they really seem to genuinely love and care for one another!  Check out pics  and video footage from their spread in Rolling Out Magazine below….
















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Outfit of the day

FAB Fashion: Outfit of the Day Chic & Casual Lunch Date




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Photog:  Simply Sweet Snapshots

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Gabby Douglas Covers “Time Magazine’s” 2012 Summer Olympics Issue…

Gymnast Gabby Douglas made history today at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.  She was the first African American Female to every win the Gold medal in the Olympic Gymnastic All-Around!  The gymnast is only 94 pounds and is known as the flying squirrel.  Gabby pretty much dominated the series from the beginning but led the top three spots over her Russian competitors Victoria Komova who took the silver and Aliya Mustafina who took home the bronze.   Already a gold medalist with the US women’s gymnastics team, Douglas earned the all-around title as well, becoming the first African-American to do so and the first US gymnast to claim both the team and all-around gold medals in a single Games.

Gabby left home at the age of 14 to train under her coach Liang Chow in in West Des Moines, Iowa she is originally from Virginia Beach.  Before leaving for London Gabby talked about what it’s been like getting over her nerves which have gotten the best of her in past competitions.


“I think I’ve improved so much with the mental situation. I learned about being a competitor. No one is going to feel sorry for you. No one is going to be like, ‘Ooh, you fell.’ This is going to be my chance to shine. You have to go out there and be fierce.”


Read more at Time Magazine







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Brandy Releases Stills From “Put It Down” Music Video

Brandy is looking so FAB in her new video stills for “Put It Down”.  I am loving that she brung back her signature box braids from her younger days with a grown and sexy twist.  Her shoe game is absolutely stunning as well!

The video may drop by the end of the week.  To build anticipation team Brandy has been releases lots of video stills showing some killer dance routines and some intimate moments between Brandy and Chris Brown.


Check out some of the stills from Put It Down below….







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Cassie Pens a Open Letter To Her Fans “I Am So Proud Of This Project”

Bad Boy Records princess Cassie is finally ready to bring us the follow-up to her self-titled 2006′s debut album—she just wants you to not “get frustrated” for making you wait so long.

In an open letter to her fans, Cass announced that the new album is coming to fruition and she will also drop a new mixtape to hold the fans over in the meantime. Here’s what she had to say:

“Hey!! How are you guys? I’m great! I just moved, so I’m getting settled at my new place. I had a dope session with Ester Dean last night. She is… Everything I needed and I’m cutting another record with Will.I.Am today. Not bad, huh? I’m working simultaneously on my album and my Mixtape/EP. I know you all are wondering, Mixtape, huh? Well… I think the best we can be as human beings is to be resilient, right? I’m now at Interscope still with Bad Boy, which is amazing. I have GREAT new management that you’ll find out about soon and everything is FINALLY falling into place the way it’s supposed to, but one thing is missing. The music being delivered to you. Now, we all know that this album has been years in the making. Creating, starting over, changing, leaks, growing, starting….never stopping BUT I wouldn’t change any minute of it. You get a better version of me for being so patient. This additional project is for you guys. My Mixtape is called Rock-A-Bye Baby, don’t take it so literal… Lol. You’ll see why. I am so proud of this project. It’s not pop, it’s not R&B, it’s Cassie. It’s why you fucked with me in the first place. I love you guys and your continued love and support. I’m a lucky girl. So…. don’t get frustrated OR upset with me!!! Okay??? I know you feel like you’ve gotten the run around. Trust me, I have too. Something wonderful/exciting/fantastic is being created, just for you…because I love you guys and because I can”

Post courtesy of Vibe Magazine



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New Music: The Hello Girls Video Debut of “Beep Beep”

The Hello Girls debut their new music video on 106 & Park for the single Beep Beep.  The all girls group features members, Cheeba (Meagan Good), Bullet (La’Myia Good), Kitty (Amy Correa Bell) and Goldie (Sterling Victorian).  Pooch Hall is also makes and appearance in the video.

Check out the video for Beep Beep below….



In other Random news…

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Riri Says Her Love Life Is Non Existent [Bossip]

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Music Video FAB: Keke Palmer Premieres “You Got Me” Video…

FAB teen star Keke Palmer is such a amazing role model for little ladies everywhere.  The Nick star is all grown up and  she just premiered her video for You Got Me on 106 & Park.   The video features Kevin McCall and why Keke is showing us she is indeed a grown lady she keeps it sexy, but classy and fun!


Check out Keke Palmer’s You Got Me video below…



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Magazine FAB: Dawn Richards Graces the Cover of “Kontrol Magazine”

Dawn Richard is looking effortlessly sexy on the cover of Kontrol Magazine’s Body issue.  She is serving it up something fierce in the cute black and white spread while keeping it classy.  The cover is part of the Body issue from the mag and Dawn was chosen as the Female counterpart.  In the mag Dawn discusses being more comfortable on the stage than off,  a Danity Kane reunion not in her future and being remembered as a musical author.

Check out Dawn Richard’s Kontrol Magazine Spread below….










Bonus Check out Tank in the Male version of Kontrol Magazine’s Body Issue cover….


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FAB Birthdays: Happy Birthday to Tia & Tameera!

Today the FAB duo that is Tia & Tameera celebrate their birthday!  The twins have grown up before our eyes starting with their first hit sitcom Sister 2 Sister and today the twindwom can be seen on their new hit Reality T.V. show Tia & Tameera.  On the show the two invites viewers into their lives sharing pregnancy, motherhood, weddings and so much more.


Happy Birthday to two FAB ladies!!








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